Help! My Husband is Addicted to Porn!


If these words are familiar to you or someone you know, you’ve found the right book.
Fight for Love is our biblical battle plan for wives seeking to take their marriage back from porn.

In these pages you’ll discover:

The science behind why your husband struggles to stop watching porn.
Why the wrong marital advice will only make things worse.
How to help your husband get free and stay free from porn.
How to best protect your kids and yourself from porn.
What fighting against porn will do for you, your marriage, your family, and your faith.

Pornography is a billion dollar industry, a national epidemic, seeping into our homes, and taking marriages captive. In the battle against porn, instead of hiding, faith-filled women must engage this issue head-on, armed with a right understanding of biblical truth and their roles as wives and mothers. With God’s help and a battle plan in hand, wives and their husbands can face the darkness and emerge victorious, taking back their marriages and families.

While many wonderful and needed books address healing from the aftermath of porn, this compelling book empowers wives who want to stay and fight right now—for their marriage, for their family, and for love.

Hear from Authors

"I’d consider ‘Fight For Love’ essential reading for Christian wives trying to navigate life and relationships in a pornified culture. It’s time to equip and encourage women to pick up their swords and join in the fight. Using neuroscience and scripture, and unflinching honestly, Rosie brings hard facts and hard truths for these hard times. This book has a challenging message, but it is beautifully wrapped in hope and grace and gentle humor."
Josh D McDowell
"I have read a lot of books on sexuality and pornography and I feel like this book is probably the most helpful book I’ve ever read"
Dr. Juli Slattery
Founder of Authentic Intimacy

Hear from Readers

“I’ve done it all. The books, the blocking software. None of it was enough. Then my husband told me about this book. I bought it the same. Day. Quite literally, this has set up my marriage for success (possibly saving us from divorce).”
FFL Reader
“This book is outstanding! I devoured in in two days. As a betrayed partner, this helped me find calm in the madness that is sex addiction, especially given that my spouse refuses to choose recovery. Even if he isn’t choosing freedom, this book helped me choose it."
FFL Reader

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