37. Man to Man : Why Should I Get Into Recovery?

Sometimes the truth is easier to hear from somebody else. Someone who’s been there, and isn’t there any more. If you have a spouse who doesn’t see why they should get into recovery, or even why you see it as such a problem here’s an episode for you to share with them.  

36. Will I Ever Trust Him Again?

If you need to hear a message of hope today, this is the episode for you. So good we are running it again for those of you who have joined us recently. 

35. The Problem With Porn

In this episode Rosie reads the introduction and Chapter 1 to give you a taste of the information you will find in our Biblical Battleplan Fight For Love. 

34. Jené's Story

Be encouraged and blessed by the honesty of our very own Jené, as she describes her and her husband’s recovery journey. 

33. Unmissable Ministries #4 Husband Material

Grab your partner and listen together to this great conversation with author, podcaster, and founder of www.husbandmaterial.com, Drew Boa. After God saved his marriage before it started, Drew was given a passion to help other Christian men experience healing. Now he has an amazing platform and ministry helping other guys find freedom from porn. 

32. 'Porn Proofing Your Children' Guest Podcast: IMBetween

Porn proofing our kids doesn’t have to be scary and overwhelming. Today we’re bringing you this uplifting and practical conversation from  Daniel and Christina Im on the IMBetween Podcast and our very own Rosie Makinney. 4 steps to help porn-proof your children Signs to look for to know if your child is watching porn How you can support your child if they …

31. Unmissable Ministries #3 Be Broken Ministries

Listen in to Gigi Hopkins, Wives Care Coordinator at Be Broken Ministries, describe her gentle introductory 6 week course for wives of porn addicts. If you have fears and apprehensions about taking the next step into recovery, this may be just what you are looking for. 

30. Help! Watching TV with my husband is a minefield!

Watching movies and shows today in recovery is extra challenging when sex and nudity have pretty much become the norm. Here are some of our favorite websites and services that take all the hard work out of finding something safe to watch, which enables you to actually relax and enjoy your time together. 

29. 'Taking Your Marriage Back from Porn' Guest Podcast: Java With Juli

Listen in on this great conversation between Dr Juli Slattery, president and founder of Authentic Intimacy, and our very own Rosie Makinney. Here they talk about equipping women with the appropriate steps to fight for their marriages, how to help their husbands, and find support for their own healing. Where do you draw boundaries? How do you know if he’s in a …

28. Back to Basics – Episode 5 Rerun : What does Recovery Look Like?

For the benefit of our new listeners we are rerunning one of our first episodes to help you understand what you in for when you embark on this journey of recovery. We give you an overview of the whole process, and explain the different stages of recovery. We also share what it was really like having to embark on this challenging …