Resources for Finding Help:

Finding yourself an experienced guide to help you navigate the turbulent and unfamiliar waters of early recovery is crucial.

Although it is tempting to think you can go it alone and heal yourselves by doing a workbook, or watching a video series, it is impossible to heal an intimacy disorder without involving other people. Building intimate relationships with trusted others is key in rewiring addicted neural pathways and dealing with trauma. I know the recovery tools you may have read about seem straightforward enough, but with so much pain flying around things can go spectacularly sideways quickly. Therapeutic steps like a period of celibacy or undertaking a full disclosure should not be attempted without the supervision of someone qualified and experienced. Done properly, the process, although painful and costly, can be utterly transformative.  

There are many options when it comes to choosing your recovery guide and community. Thankfully, most professionals are working online now which opens up even more options. In an ideal world, you will both have a therapist/coach that you see on an individual basis, plus your own small recovery group. Many therapists/coaches run their own group/s. Our recommendation is that addicts see CSATS (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists) and partners see APSATS trained therapists or coaches, (Association of Partners of Sex Addict Trauma Specialists).

However, we appreciate that going this route is simply not financially possible for everyone. The good news is that there are a growing number of ministries that specialize in this area, providing counselors, coaches, and groups for addicts and partners for a range of costs. To help you find the right group we regularly invite professionals and ministry leaders onto the podcast. We also have links to providers who work individually with couples in early recovery or run specialist groups for couples such as developing empathy, rebuilding connection, or restoring sexual intimacy. 

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