66. Residential Trauma Intensives with Matt Wenger

If you are curious about what really happens at a residential trauma intensive, take a listen to my conversation with Matt Wenger, Clinical Director of Boulder Recovery as he takes us behind the scenes at his 14-Day Intensive for men struggling with sex, porn, and relationship issues. The program uses the TINSA® treatment model (Trauma Induced Sexual Addiction) to heal the traumatic experiences and attachment wounds driving addictive behaviors and problematic thinking around sex and intimacy. Boulder Recovery is also the only Christian intensive in North America that includes support for partners impacted by the trauma of betrayal through online psychoeducation, care and interaction during the men’s intensive with a betrayal trauma specialist. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • How an intensive experience differs from weekly individual therapy
  • What different healing modalities are used to treat trauma
  • What actually happens during the different stages of the intensive
  • What support for partners is available
  • What is the best time to attend an intensive 


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