27. Unmissable Ministries #2 Hope Redefined

Ready to take that next step and reach out for your own support ? This could be just what you have been looking for. Today I interview Lyschel Burket. She has been working with women since 2008 as they take steps toward healing and their pursuit of God as they face sexual betrayal in their marriage. She has facilitated support groups specific …

26. Should He Tell Me All His Thoughts?

Whether you want to know everything or absolutely nothing that is going on inside your husband’s head, it’s good to know what level of sharing from him is going to help you heal and move forward and what is going to hold you back. Learn why being your husband’s primary accountability partner is a bad idea, and also why basing …

25. What to look for in a counselor?

To help you discern whether the person you have found will be able to help you navigate through the tricky waters of recovery, I have enlisted the help of my husband, Mark Makinney, a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, to talk us through the important areas to consider. 

24. Unmissable Ministries #1 Naked Truth Project

In this rich and candid interview Cat draws from her personal and professional experience of dealing with betrayal trauma. Here’s a therapist we wish we could clone for all our listeners! This is a MUST LISTEN! Cat Etherington is Head of Recovery for UK based charity Naked Truth Project. Naked Truth Project formed with a vision to Open Eyes and Free Lives fro …

23. Helping Women At Your Church Fight For Love

In this episode I have the pleasure of being joined by Jenaye White, publicity and marketing guru at LifeWay, to talk about two exciting new initiatives that can help you bring the message of Fight For Love to women at your church.  Firstly, we talk about a seven day devotional for wives of porn addicts, and secondly we explain a terrific new …

21. Can A Wife Go Into Recovery By Herself?

Even if your husband remains unrepentant and refuses to seek help there is still great hope for a joy-filled transformed life for yourself and your children. In this episode Ruth describes her own healing journey beyond her divorce from her porn addicted husband. 

20. Standing firm in the thick of it.

**A must listen for anyone who doesn’t believes that porn use affects relationship**  In this most vulnerable of episodes we share exactly how our husband’s porn addictions affected us, and what it was like to draw that initial line in the sand on porn. It was not knowledge that drove us to set boundaries it was sheer pain.  If we could go back …

19. Dealing with an abusive spouse

To help us unpack what to do when your porn addicted spouse is also abusive, we have enlisted the expertise of Jeneane Nicodemus (Associate Marriage and Family Therapist),  a survivor of domestic violence and therapist at Stand Strong, a women’s shelter for survivors of domestic violence in San Luis Obispo County, California. F

18. Lockdown Special

True to form, we’re kicking off our new season by getting real about how this pandemic is kicking our collective butt, and we’re not even in the heat of an active addiction. In this episode we share the reality of a rapidly growing global porn pandemic, and emphasize the importance of upping up your self-care and seeking support.